Betting Lines For St. Louis Rams

Those of you who are fans of the St. Louis Rams and looking at betting on them have come to the right page. You will find everything you have wanted to know when it comes to betting on the Rams, their games, their season, and more. Get the different game lines available, while also finding out how to make those bets. And, if you are wondering where you can possibly bet on a Rams game, we have a couple of sections dedicated specifically to that.

Weekly odds for St. Louis Rams games will be formulated by oddsmakers and fielded by online sportsbooks. With these odds, you can win big or lose big, but that’ll depend on the type of line you bet on. You will be able to find several different kinds of betting lines available each week, which we get into further below.

Weekly Betting Odds For St. Louis Rams Games

The points spread, moneyline, and game total, are three of the main betting odds for a Rams' game if you are looking to wager. The point spread will insert St. Louis in the role of the favorite or underdog, having to give or receive points. The moneyline is a bet made without any points, picking the winner of the matchup straight up. The game total simply combines the points scored by St. Louis and the points scored by their opponent.

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St. Louis Rams Player Prop Bets

Player prop betting lines for the Rams are other ways in which to get involved on the betting odds for every game, or for other outcomes during the season. Check out some examples below.

St. Louis Rams - Player Prop Examples

Player X Rushing Yards vs. San Francisco 49ers

  • Over 85.5 Total Rushing Yards
  • Under 85.5 Total Rushing Yards

This player prop relates to a specific Rams running back and his performance against San Francisco. The line is set at 85.5, with two options to bet, the higher or lower total. For the 'over' total to win, the RB will need to rush for at least 86 yards. If the RB doesn't reach 86 yards, then the under total will take this line.

Will Player X Have A Rushing TD vs. Seattle Seahawks

  • Yes +600
  • No -150

This is another type of prop betting line, asking if a specific Rams QB will rush for a touchdown against the Seahawks. The book favors the "no" most heavily, but if you were to wager correctly on the QB to have a rushing touchdown the payout would be much higher for taking the risk.

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St. Louis Rams Team Prop Bets

Team prop odds for the Rams follow a very similar structure, though stem away from individual players and generalize towards the team. Two examples of team props for the Rams are set down below.

St. Louis Rams - Team Prop Examples

Will The St. Louis Rams Win 3 Games In A Row This Season?

  • Yes +500

This is a season-long prop betting line for the Rams that simply asks if the Rams will string together three-straight wins during the upcoming season. There is only one option to place a bet here, with yes. It is paying out +500, or 5/1. A prop bet like this would only be available before the start of the Rams' regular season schedule.

St. Louis Rams Total Points Allowed vs. Arizona Cardinals

  • Over 19.5 Points Allowed
  • Under 19.5 Points Allowed

Bet on how many points the St. Louis Rams will give up to the Cardinals in this NFC West matchup. With the line set at 19.5 points, for the over total to win this wager, Arizona would need to score at least 20 points versus the Rams. However, if St. Louis keeps the Cardinals under 19 points, the under wins this bet.

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Live Betting On St. Louis Rams Games

Another type of betting line to get in on the action for the Rams is live betting. Betting live on the Rams offers you some in-game prop odds, stemming from players, teams, and game odds. From there, you might also see different game betting lines on the point spread, and over/under total. Not every Rams game is available, but there will be some changes during the season.

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Other Ways To Wager On The St. Louis Rams

One of the most popular ways to bet on the Rams is through a futures wager. What a futures wager covers are the betting odds for the Rams to win the Super Bowl, the NFC Championship, and their division. These odds are popular because they are up year-round, the payouts are high, and let's face it, everyone likes to bet on their team to win the Super Bowl!

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Best Sites For Wagering On Rams Games

You will see in the left hand navigation and directly below two reviews of the best Rams betting sites for sports betting in Missouri and around the U.S. These books survive on their reputation for being fair and paying players what is owed. We know because these are the same sites we use when we are looking to put money on the games. We have used these sites and will testify to their quality, service, and value.

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