Sports Betting For Missouri Residents

Missouri, otherwise known as the Cave State, has over six million residents. The state is filled with loads of natural scenery like the Missouri River, a water source that many have thrived on for quite some time. The river may stretch across the state but so does sports gambling. On this page, we’ll give some insight on sports betting in Missouri, where to go, and what laws are in effect that could change how you bet on sports in Missouri.

While we cannot tell you that it is legal to run down the block and pay someone to bet on a sporting event, we can tell you that there is nothing making it illegal for you to join the sports betting sites accepting Missouri residents. We have listed a brief overview of the laws on this page, as we do not want our players to cower beneath the fear of an incomprehensibly misguided misconception about the industry of gambling on the Internet in the United States. Later in this article, we will talk about some common questions that bettors may have as well as answer some other questions whose answers may seem blurry or unclear.

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Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Missouri Residents

Residents of Missouri can freely bet through a variety of different sportsbooks. We have tested more than 50 different sportsbooks, but we have clearly slimmed down the number to only a select few. These are the best legal sports betting sites accepting Missouri residents today. If you choose a low-quality site, you could easily find yourself getting ripped off or robbed - do not allow this to happen. We are sure that you will definitely have a fair experience through these books. Just don't attempt to cheat!

Bovada - 50% Welcome Bonus

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the longest running online sportsbooks around. It has been serving players for over a decade and, seeing as it is still a prime spot for bettors, has given great customer service to players since the early 2000s. Bovada offers a wide selection of sports for bettors to gamble on and even offers some special promotions as well.

Bovada offers a 50% welcome bonus for first-time players on the site. To receive your bonus, you just have to redeem it and make a deposit. This bonus only works on your first deposit and cannot be used again. There is no code required code to redeem this code. Once your deposit has been made your 50% bonus will be available for betting within 30 minutes.

SportsBetting - 25% Bonus For Life

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is another online sportsbook that has been around the block. The sportsbook offers many different types of wagering options and even live betting on certain sports. Their live betting section offers sports from around the world. The section is constantly updated for the various sporting events happening around the world and within the U.S.

Bettors using SportsBetting’s online sportsbook have the option to receive some rewards of their own for using the site. One of which is the 25% Bonus for Life. Use the promo code FORLIFE when you make a deposit of at least $50 to get your 25% bonus for life. You can earn up to $1,000 dollars in bonuses off of one single deposit. Head to SportsBetting today to take advantage of the offer of a lifetime.

BetOnline - 50% Welcome Bonus

BetOnline SportsbookWhen looking at the top online sportsbooks that are available to Missouri sports bettors, BetOnline is sitting with the best of the best. They offer a bunch of odds on plenty of different sports including the top sports such as the NBA and NFL and also including much smaller sports like Snooker and Darts. With those odds come many different prop bets as well in which they are amongst the top sportsbooks as well that offer interesting prop bets.

BetOnline also has great welcome bonuses as well for new users to take advantage of when signing up for a BetOnline account. They offer a 50% welcome bonus where they will match 50% of your initial deposit up to $1,000 with the code BOL1000. They also offer a 100% cryptocurrency bonus where they will match 100% of your initial deposit with any form of cryptocurrency with the code CRYPTO100.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Missouri?

Missouri residents will be happy to know that there is nothing that will prevent you from gambling on the Internet, as there has not been a written ban on online gambling. Even sports gambling is barely mentioned, though bookmaking sure is. As long as you are playing on the Internet and not taking bets yourself, you should be fine under the laws. However, if you want to take a $5 bet on the Kansas City Chiefs from your buddy this week, don't expect anyone to come kicking down your door. Similarly, online sportsbooks can be used to fill that role as well.

Missouri Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Under the current laws of the Missouri state code, there is nothing expressly written to make online sports gambling illegal. We have looked through Chapter 572 of the Missouri criminal codes, and we only found evidence that being in the business of gambling is illegal. Even then, you are not actually going to have to worry about any crimes being committed. Legislators are actually looking to enact new sports betting bills in order to change the Missouri sports betting climate. You can check our Missouri sports betting bill tracker for the latest proposed legislation.

Federal laws have also done nothing to prevent players from betting on the Internet, though there is the Wire Act to prevent interstate sports wagering sites. There is also the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, but frankly, that law does absolutely nothing but make it difficult to fund your account with credit cards.

Legal Gambling Age For Missouri Residents

So many players ask us how old they have to be to begin gambling on sports over the Internet, and this is why we have brought our readers the legal gambling age in Missouri is 21. If you are 21 years of age or older, you are freely able to gamble on sports on the Internet. If you are under 21 you run the risk of being banned and having your funds confiscated. We advise that you wait until you are of age to gamble, even when you gamble online through an offshore sportsbook, just to be safe. If you're over 21, you should be able to place bets on MLB games as well as other sporting events.

Missouri Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile Sports Betting

The big news of mobile betting was music to the ears of plenty of bettors. Now being able to use your phone to access your online sportsbook account means so much when it comes to putting a lot of money on the line. This feature is one of many that these online sportsbooks have and speaks volumes to plenty of its players. The game is about to start and you are not home but you still can place your wager with this feature. This is great for those betting on the NFL in Missouri as Cheifs games at Arrowhead are full of betting opportunities.

Your phone now has everything that a computer or a laptop has. You would expect to need more storage on your phone to be able to access your account however that isn’t needed! All you have to do is simply type in your online sportsbooks and the mobile version will automatically pop up! This makes it very smooth and less worrisome for those traveling bettors. So make sure your phone is working and your online Missouri sportsbook account will be right on your hip!

Land Based Gambling In Missouri

Land-based gambling in Missouri can be done at the following casinos: Ameristar Casino, Argosy Casino, City of Caruthersville Casino Aztar, Harrah's North Kansas City Casino & Hotel, Harrah's St. Louis Casino & Hotel, Isle of Capri Casino, Mark Twain Casino, President Casino, St. Jo Frontier Casino.

With all of these casinos in the state, you probably do not have to travel too far in order to gamble, but there is no legal sports betting available unless it is done online. There are no live sports betting locations in the state, so there is no option available for you. We have found that you have to turn to the Internet in order to bet on sports, as you would otherwise be breaking the law.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Missouri

1) Are there any laws currently in the works to ban online gambling outright?

No. There are currently no laws going through the legislature that would ban online gambling. You are free to gamble online with an offshore sportsbook site. The offshore sites are out of Missouri legal jurisdiction, so you will be safe betting on sports online with an offshore book.

2) On the converse, is there a law being passed that would authorize sportsbooks - online or otherwise?

There have been bills in the past that would bring legal Missouri sportsbooks to reality. Multiple bills have been written, all of which would make sports betting legal at physical venues. There are also those advocating for mobile and online wagering, though these forms of wagering are often the most highly debated. Missouri will likely be one of the states to legalize by 2023 or even 2024.

3) Is wagering on sports through Bovada legal in Missouri?

Yes. Bovada is one of the best sports betting sites for Missouri residents out there, and you can legally wager through their service without too many complications. Bovada is outside of Missouri jurisdiction, so it’s safe to bet on sports with Bovada while living in Missouri.

4) How long does it take to deposit into your account?

You can instantly wager on sports, as credit card deposits process in seconds. Most online sportsbooks or at least the ones that we’ve mentioned have very quick deposit times, most, depending on the method of the deposit payment, happen fairly quick. Some instantaneously.

5) Are withdrawals equally as quick as deposits?

Not quite. Processing your withdrawal and shipping your money back to you takes under two weeks’ time. Deposits, on the other hand, can happen pretty instantly, so there is a vast difference between the times. Online sportsbooks have their own withdraw times though, and it’s best to check their site to see what their time frame says specifically.

6) Are payments all made safely, or is it possible for financial information to be stolen?

Your financial information will be kept totally safe if you stick to our gambling sites. We cannot say the same for some other locations that we have not tested. The offshore sportsbooks we’ve recommended have been around for a long time because they treat players money well and keep it safe. Your payments will be safe and secure with these sites.

7) When Can I Bet At A Land-Based Sportsbook In Missouri?

Missouri is one of the states that have yet to pass a sports gambling law. There is, however, some legal activity going on in the Missouri legislature. We aren’t sure when sportsbooks will come to the state, but it looks more like a sooner rather than later.

8) Does the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act make depositing a crime?

No. You are not liable under this law. The UIGEA is not targeted toward the players but the bookie instead. You are free to deposit money into your account on an offshore online sportsbook. Depositing is not a crime for these offshore books, so you will be safe.

9) How often can I make a deposit into my sportsbook?

Every sportsbook has its own limits as to how much you can put in your account. We recommend that you check with your favorite online sportsbooks to see what they say as each sportsbook may have different deposit schedules. Most of this information can be found on your sportsbooks help page, or by contacting their customer service which will be available 24 hours a day.

10) Has anyone in the U.S.A. ever been arrested for gambling on sports on the Internet?

There has never been arrested for legal betting, but there have been some people arrested for running an online sportsbook in the USA. However, the people that placed bets at it were not even contacted.

11) Can I Bet On My Phone In Missouri?

Yes, you can bet on your phone in Missouri but only with an offshore online sportsbook. We’ve included two in this article that you can use as well. The online sportsbooks we’ve recommended have mobile versions of their sites that you can use whether you have an iPhone or Android device.

12) Can I Do Live Betting In Missouri?

Yes, you can do live betting through one of the online sportsbooks we’ve mentioned. Missouri does not currently have any sportsbooks in the state, nor does it have a casino that offers live betting in-person. SportsBetting or Bovada would be good choices if you are looking to do live betting. Right now, you can only do live betting in Missouri through an online offshore sportsbook.