Financial Troubles Could Push For Sports Betting In Missouri

  • Financial Troubles Could Push For Sports Betting In MissouriNo real progress has been made to legalize sports betting in Missouri.
  • A lot of bills are being considered, but none of them is the clear front runner.
  • Financial troubles that the state faces could help push for sports betting in Missouri.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Financial trouble in Missouri could push lawmakers to legalize sports betting in the state.

Efforts to legalizing and regulating sportsbooks in Missouri have stalled as of late. But as lawmakers reconvene, the state’s money problems could put pressure on them to find common ground and legalize sports wagering.

Money Troubles

Revenue collections for the Show-Me State are off projections. Compared to last year, revenue collections are down $348 million and the gap is increasing. Some lawmakers believe that the gap can be filled by residents paying their income tax bills. Others are not so sure that will help as much as others are hoping for.

One solution that lawmakers are hoping to implement is adding sports betting. This will not increase the financial burden to Missouri residents because it is not a tax that they are obligated to pay.

Although there are a large number of bills that are being considered by lawmakers, none of them is the clear front runner to passing. A large number of bills means that there are a lot of different efforts and elements that lawmakers are considering for sports betting.

Who Will Provide Sportsbooks?

Due to the fact that there are so many bills that are being considered by Missouri lawmakers, it is currently unclear who will provide sports betting for the state. Casinos in Missouri are interested in providing brick-and-motor sportsbooks.

Another option that is being considered is retail locations will provide sports betting. These are locations such as gas stations, truck stops, and bars. This would make sports betting more widely available. The casinos are at odds with retail providers because they claim that they have cut into the casino’s profits.

The MLB Joins The Conversation

The MLB has taken a special interest in Missouri sports betting. MLB attorney Bryan Seeley told a House panel that the league wants a cut of the profits. The MLB wants to implement an “integrity fee” that would protect baseball fans with consumer protections with a framework.

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