Betting Lines For Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

If you have come on to this page, then you must be looking for more information on betting on the Kansas City Chiefs. Below you will find out all about betting on the Chiefs, highlighted by what betting lines are available. Furthermore, you will see examples of how to make those bets, and what sportsbooks are available for you to make those wagers.

If you are looking to bet on Chiefs games, weekly odds will be formed for all of them. This starts with the four preseason matchups, then goes into the 17 regular season games. And, if needed there will be an opportunity to bet on postseason games.

Best Sites For Wagering On Chiefs Games

There is no shortage of places to bet on the Kansas City Chiefs and their games. But when it comes to quality, there is definitely a difference. You can assure yourself of using a reputable sports betting site by sticking to the sites we list here on and those seen to the left and directly below.

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Betting on the Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Spread - Betting the point spread will require the Chiefs to cover whatever points they are giving or receiving from oddsmakers.

Betting Chiefs Straight Up - Betting the moneyline line is a bet made on the Chiefs winning or losing the game with no points given. It's a straight up result.

Chiefs Over/Under Point Total - With respect to the game total, it combines Kansas City and their opponent's total. The bet is made with respect to an over or under total.

Kansas City Chiefs Player Prop Bets

Player prop betting lines are another aspect of game lines formed weekly for Chiefs' games. But they can also cover other outcomes on the season outside of direct game results. Below are a couple of examples.

Kansas City Chiefs - Player Prop Examples

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Total Rushing Attempts vs. Los Angeles Chargers

  • Over 17.5 Rushing Attempts (+105)
  • Under 17.5 Rushing Attempts (-115)

This is a bet made only on the number of rushing attempts for Edwards-Helaire in a game against the Charger. If he gets 18 or more carries, those bettors who placed cash down on the over total will win. Conversely, those who bet on the under total will win if he fails to reach 18 carries.

Will Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rush For More Than 1,200 Yards This Season?

  • Yes +400

This is an example of a season-long player prop, set for total rushing yards. A bet like this can come out at the beginning of the season, or if Clyde Edwards-Helaire happens to be doing well can come out during the midway point. It really all depends on the sportsbook. What is concrete in this case is the payout, at 4/1.

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Kansas City Chiefs Team Prop Bets

Like player props, team props for the Chiefs cover a variety of outcomes during Kansas City games, as well as the potential for outcomes during the season not relating to games.

Kansas City Chiefs - Team Prop Examples

Kansas City Chiefs Giveaways vs. Oakland Raiders

  • Over 2.5 Total Giveaways (-110)
  • Under 2.5 Total Giveaways (-110)

Bet on how many turnovers the Chiefs will have against Oakland in this over/under wager. The number, in this case, has been set at 1.5. This means the over total will win with two or more turnovers, with bettors or place a wager on the over winning with that outcome. If it's one or none, then the under total takes the line.

Will The Kansas City Chiefs Win The AFC West Division This Year?

  • Yes +500

This is a Chiefs prop betting line relating to the entire season, and whether or not they will win the AFC West. This is similar to a futures wager but goes in the category of a team prop betting line because it relates.

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Live Betting On Kansas City Chiefs Games

One of the up and coming facets of sports betting is getting more and more interactive. Live betting is taking off, and the ability to bet live on Chiefs games makes it even more exciting for fans and bettors. Not every game for Kansas City will be featured to bet live, but those which are will have game, team and player props as the game is taking place. Also, get alternate game lines and point totals.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Kansas City Chiefs

We've talked about most of the game lines that you can find for the Chiefs on Gameday and the week leading up to them. But there is another rather large area of betting yet to be covered. These are futures wagers. Futures wagers on the Chiefs relate to Kansas City's Super Bowl odds, AFC championship odds, and their division betting lines. what's cool about futures odds are the high payouts. Bettors get some of the largest payouts of any kind of bet and can garner some serious bragging rights if they end up being right.

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